Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Chicago Comic Con Info

Attached, You'll find a map ( Courtesy of Nieves & Dougherty ) leadin' You to tables 4200-4202 in artist alley. Where Len Kody and I will be sharin' a table next to TITANIC talents Rafael Nieves and Dan Dougherty , who will be previewin' Their book
  • the Apocalypse Plan
  • ( Pure Awesomenss!!!) So, come down and see Us.

    Len and I will be sellin' the "Pigasus" poster You see below, that ties in with Our Webcomic "Chicago 1968.

    And, if the Button Gods are on Our side, the first set of "Cucos!" buttons will be available for purchase as well. It'll be the first of three sets comin' out in the near future. The first set will have these Cucos! in it. Thanks Raf and Amy!!!

    More Cucos! later.

    Lastly, I'm startin' to get back into My one strip comics. This is the latest one.



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