Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sketch and Scott Pilgrim Avatar Dump. Yes, I did a Scott Pilgrim avatar.

And this is it. "El Toro". I've been called a Bull so many times, it seemed appropriate.

While this comes a few days later than I would've liked, there is a New "PI-Jane" over at . Do You like Dr. Who? Well Jane Day does.

Also, the "Festival of Life" in Lincoln Park splash page for "Chicago 1968" is up at
  • Shadowline's Chicago 1968 page

  • and Len Kody's

    I like many of My peers, grew up on a healthy dose of Hanna-Barbera and Ruby Spears cartoons. When I sketched these up, I wondered, "Why hasn't anyone licensed any of these characters for a reboot"? Needless to say, these a but a few I'd like to play with someday.

    I drew this one up at the last Windy City Con. Not sure why I put the "Dr. Skullface on His sleeve. I think I might've been in the middle of some conversation, and it worked it's way into the sketch.

    Whenever someone buys a "CUCOS!" sketchbook from me, I do up a sketch in there (As any of You saw in the previous post). This is one I did for David Gruba .

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    So Len Kody and I were Interviewed for a podcast by Kurt Sasso (Of It was Great Fun. I look forward to doing another one with Him someday.

    Kurt also did some other Great Interviews with other Webcomic Folks, which You should definitely give a listen to over at

  • We also did one with Our Friend John Suntries of WordBalloon Fame. I'll put that link up once I get it.


    So I'm posting scans of the CUCOS! Sketchbook Sketches I did for some folks.

    This one was done for
  • Tiffany Tate
  • I Think She liked it.

    This one went to
  • Troy
  • from Third Coast Comics hangouts. Check His blog out for some Cool Shit! And Yes. That is It's Butthole. Deal with it Man.

    I don't know who either of these two are going to, as they're in Terry Gant's
  • Third Coast Comics
  • over here in the Rogers Park. It's at 6234 N. BROADWAY, CHICAGO, IL 60660 or just call Him at (847)863-7450.

    He is a Happy little fartmachine.

    Make it a Sammich, or it might take a foot.

    I'll keep scanning them as they go out. There were a bunch I was unable to scan, so if You have one and would be Kind enough to scan it and send it off to Me, it would be Deeply Appreciated. Who knows You might end up with another sketch.



    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Another Post! Finally...

    Here are some "Blast From the Past" sketches from the last few years.

    Now Bruce Lee may never have done this, but there's no reason to believe that He couldn't do this, if He felt like it.

    This one came about, around the time that My pal Rafael Nieves did a story for a Phantom Anthology for Moonstone Books. I thought it was Funny that a Character that is so Iconic, partially for having a couple of 45 caliber pistols, hardly ever uses them accordingly. Like Blasting holes in Shit.

    Rafael and Dan also have some New "The Apocalypse Plan" news, so head on over and read about it.
  • the Apocalypse Plan

  • Some random Sketch-A-Roni's with the Gratuitous Self-Portrait doodie.

    This is a "Jabberwocky" Commission Piece I did Tom Negovan, that He had ordered for His Lady Fair, Gail Potocki. I was Happy with how it turned out, and might throw Digital Hues on it. We'll see.

    Aaaand some more random ink doo-doos.

    So Terry Gant, Owner of
  • Third Coast Comics
  • has been hosting a Sketchbook Session over at His shop every 3rd. Thursday for the last 2 months, and it's been Fun each time. Below You'll see a couple of Sketches I did at the 1st session. This "Smurf/Fargo" sketch was done in Terry's BIG-Ass sketchbook. The idea wasn't even in My head, til I doodled one the circles that ended up being on top of the mushroom house. At the last one, I did a marker sketch of Mr. Midnight for Terry. I'll post that one, when I get it scanned.

    I did this one in another friend's (Dave Santiago) sketchbook. He asked Me to do a sketch of a character He's developing, but I wasn't in that frame of mind. I sketched a Smurf feeding another Smurf's Limbs into a wood chipper just before that. Designing a serious character after that seemed a bit beyond My abilities at the time. So I went with the next best thing, The Batman and His Arch Nemesis, The Joker.

    Before His rise to "Blogosphere" stardom, Lonely Rice had His own 80's sitcom, with His previous comedy partner, Omar "Gandule" Rivera. Unfortunately, the show never got passed the pilot when tragedy struck. The film crew, ravenous from a full morning of filming the 2nd episode, took a lunch break and noticed that the caterers never showed up. Needless to say, Lonely and Gandule were the only survivors of the massacre. They grew apart, eventually the team split and Gandule has not been seen since. There's a lot of unproven rumors of what might've happened to Him after He disappeared. I heard that He became an Underworld Pitfighting Champ, but I'm calling Bullshit on that one. As for Lonely, We teamed up. But that's a story for another time.



    Friday, January 15, 2010


    So, I am gettin' over one Helluva' Cold/Flu that knocked the Livin' Doo-Doo's outta' Me, and I remembered that I haven't posted anywhere for a minute. And since I'm tryin' to get better at Postin' on a regular basis, here's a Big Shout and Hug for My Gramps who Passed Away 2 years ago today. He's still Awesome to Me.

    I Miss You Gramps.

    Oh, and some art.


    Here are some character designs and pencilled pages for another short story that I'm workin' on with
  • Rafael Nieves
  • . It's a Fun story, I'm lookin' forward to finishin', soon.

    These first 2 pages, I was tryin' to get a feel for the Ice Cream Man/Hero and His Ride. As You can see, I tried a few different looks for him.

    The next 2 pages have sketches of the Villains/Bullies, their Muscle car, and the Girl who gets caught in the middle of all the action. I'm goin' to have to trim down the look of the bullies, as it's way to hot to be wearin' a sweater and boots. Well, maybe I'll keep the boots.

    Here are the pencils for the pages as they stand right now (There's more to come). The pencils are very tight and after any revisions, might stay pencilled. I think I might just clean it up a bit in PS and throw some hues on it ala "Header" style. Still tryin' to figure that out as well.

    Friday, January 01, 2010

    Goodbye 2009!!! And I Hope You Burn In HELL!!!

    Yeah! That's how I Feel about the last year. But I don't want to get into that. I do However, want to put some random Art I've done beyond the Webcomics, You should all be followin' religiously. They are as follows.

    I have spent a considerable amount of time down at My friend's Krista and Halen's house this passed year. And they have 2 beautiful little girls. They are Hailey, a 4 year old Force of nature who will probably be My boss someday. And Madeline, the latest addition to their family. Now, Hailey has taken a real Shine to Me lately, and has wanted to draw and color with me whenever I stop by. As I mentioned before this kid is going to be controlling Your kids someday. I'm makin' that prediction right here, right now. She is only interested in a few things right now on a consistent basis. Hannah Montana, Noggin, and Tinkerbell. Everything else only sates an occasional curiosity. Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble. But she likes art time with Me, and I think that's Cool. Which leads to this Goofy-Ass lookin' Bear. I haven't actually used a crayon to draw in a really long time. But she was in the mood to use those, and one does not trifle with Hailey. But I digress, I like the sketch. Enough to put it here at least.

    This one is from another Sketch Session with Hailey. I asked Her what kind of character She would like. She says a Fox. So I began what became a collaborative piece with Hailey, (You'll notice the fire burnin' on top of the Foxes head.). Once I was done, I asked what the Fox's name was and She looked at Me with a Quizzical look on Her face and asked Me what I thought it should be. I blurted "Foxy McBootiepants"!!! She Giggled and gave Me the go ahead. The next time I saw Her, I asked if Foxy has a Buddy. She looked at Me like, "Yeah! A Butterfly!" I thought, "SHIT! I Hate Drawin' Butterflies!". What I said was, "Whaaaat? For real? A Butterfly? Cool! ". And I Smiled. I haven't actually drawn the Butterfly yet, but I'm convinced She's having Me design the characters for some future tv hit, that She'll take credit for.

    This was a Wolverine commission sketch I did for Len and Susan Kody's friend Ed. I miss the Ol' Canucklehead throwin' down with the Hand Ninjas. So I had fun doin' this one up.

    * By the way, if anyone is interested in a commission sketch, send Me an email.

    At Chicago Comic Con 2009, This other guy wanted a quickie commission sketch from Me, so I asked Him what He liked. He said "Uh, Spiderman, Kermit the Frog,-". I told Him He could stop right there. I knew what I was goin' to do immediately.

    OH! And if You haven't been keepin' up with the webcomics, "Shame on You"!

  • "Lab Bratz"

  • "Chicago 1968"

  • So I know I missed gettin' this up for the 1st day of 2010, and I always say I'll try and post more, and Blah-Blah-Blah.


    Here it goes.

    I will do My best to blow Your Minds. Whether it makes You Laugh, Cry, or Angry. You'll come back. After I'm done typin' this, I will stand-up, strike the most Heroic Pose I can muster at this ungodly hour, then hit the publish button.