Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"Return of Teh Sketch-A-Roni's"

Sorry for the lack of Updates lately. I'm goin' through a bit of a transition in Life right now. Havin' said that, I have decided not to let any of it keep Me away from what I LOVE doin'. Makin' and Sharin' My Art and Ideas. I Salute all of You that return here expectin' to see any "New Cartoony Madness".

Whoopsy, is Pooper's Best Pal. And why not? They're like two Peas in a Pod or two Poots in a Potty.

Sometimes, a sketch never makes it into a "sketchbook". Rather, it graces the back of an envelope, a page in the phone book, or even right next to the side items on a menu. This time, it was a sheet of animation paper I had handy. We've got some Barbarian Warriors, a dancin' Weirdo, and Gary from "Jack of Fables" .

That's it for the Sketch-A-Roni's today.



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