Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Len Kody and I were Interviewed for a podcast by Kurt Sasso (Of It was Great Fun. I look forward to doing another one with Him someday.

Kurt also did some other Great Interviews with other Webcomic Folks, which You should definitely give a listen to over at

  • We also did one with Our Friend John Suntries of WordBalloon Fame. I'll put that link up once I get it.


    So I'm posting scans of the CUCOS! Sketchbook Sketches I did for some folks.

    This one was done for
  • Tiffany Tate
  • I Think She liked it.

    This one went to
  • Troy
  • from Third Coast Comics hangouts. Check His blog out for some Cool Shit! And Yes. That is It's Butthole. Deal with it Man.

    I don't know who either of these two are going to, as they're in Terry Gant's
  • Third Coast Comics
  • over here in the Rogers Park. It's at 6234 N. BROADWAY, CHICAGO, IL 60660 or just call Him at (847)863-7450.

    He is a Happy little fartmachine.

    Make it a Sammich, or it might take a foot.

    I'll keep scanning them as they go out. There were a bunch I was unable to scan, so if You have one and would be Kind enough to scan it and send it off to Me, it would be Deeply Appreciated. Who knows You might end up with another sketch.