Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Post! Finally...

Here are some "Blast From the Past" sketches from the last few years.

Now Bruce Lee may never have done this, but there's no reason to believe that He couldn't do this, if He felt like it.

This one came about, around the time that My pal Rafael Nieves did a story for a Phantom Anthology for Moonstone Books. I thought it was Funny that a Character that is so Iconic, partially for having a couple of 45 caliber pistols, hardly ever uses them accordingly. Like Blasting holes in Shit.

Rafael and Dan also have some New "The Apocalypse Plan" news, so head on over and read about it.
  • the Apocalypse Plan

  • Some random Sketch-A-Roni's with the Gratuitous Self-Portrait doodie.

    This is a "Jabberwocky" Commission Piece I did Tom Negovan, that He had ordered for His Lady Fair, Gail Potocki. I was Happy with how it turned out, and might throw Digital Hues on it. We'll see.

    Aaaand some more random ink doo-doos.

    So Terry Gant, Owner of
  • Third Coast Comics
  • has been hosting a Sketchbook Session over at His shop every 3rd. Thursday for the last 2 months, and it's been Fun each time. Below You'll see a couple of Sketches I did at the 1st session. This "Smurf/Fargo" sketch was done in Terry's BIG-Ass sketchbook. The idea wasn't even in My head, til I doodled one the circles that ended up being on top of the mushroom house. At the last one, I did a marker sketch of Mr. Midnight for Terry. I'll post that one, when I get it scanned.

    I did this one in another friend's (Dave Santiago) sketchbook. He asked Me to do a sketch of a character He's developing, but I wasn't in that frame of mind. I sketched a Smurf feeding another Smurf's Limbs into a wood chipper just before that. Designing a serious character after that seemed a bit beyond My abilities at the time. So I went with the next best thing, The Batman and His Arch Nemesis, The Joker.

    Before His rise to "Blogosphere" stardom, Lonely Rice had His own 80's sitcom, with His previous comedy partner, Omar "Gandule" Rivera. Unfortunately, the show never got passed the pilot when tragedy struck. The film crew, ravenous from a full morning of filming the 2nd episode, took a lunch break and noticed that the caterers never showed up. Needless to say, Lonely and Gandule were the only survivors of the massacre. They grew apart, eventually the team split and Gandule has not been seen since. There's a lot of unproven rumors of what might've happened to Him after He disappeared. I heard that He became an Underworld Pitfighting Champ, but I'm calling Bullshit on that one. As for Lonely, We teamed up. But that's a story for another time.