Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye 2009!!! And I Hope You Burn In HELL!!!

Yeah! That's how I Feel about the last year. But I don't want to get into that. I do However, want to put some random Art I've done beyond the Webcomics, You should all be followin' religiously. They are as follows.

I have spent a considerable amount of time down at My friend's Krista and Halen's house this passed year. And they have 2 beautiful little girls. They are Hailey, a 4 year old Force of nature who will probably be My boss someday. And Madeline, the latest addition to their family. Now, Hailey has taken a real Shine to Me lately, and has wanted to draw and color with me whenever I stop by. As I mentioned before this kid is going to be controlling Your kids someday. I'm makin' that prediction right here, right now. She is only interested in a few things right now on a consistent basis. Hannah Montana, Noggin, and Tinkerbell. Everything else only sates an occasional curiosity. Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble. But she likes art time with Me, and I think that's Cool. Which leads to this Goofy-Ass lookin' Bear. I haven't actually used a crayon to draw in a really long time. But she was in the mood to use those, and one does not trifle with Hailey. But I digress, I like the sketch. Enough to put it here at least.

This one is from another Sketch Session with Hailey. I asked Her what kind of character She would like. She says a Fox. So I began what became a collaborative piece with Hailey, (You'll notice the fire burnin' on top of the Foxes head.). Once I was done, I asked what the Fox's name was and She looked at Me with a Quizzical look on Her face and asked Me what I thought it should be. I blurted "Foxy McBootiepants"!!! She Giggled and gave Me the go ahead. The next time I saw Her, I asked if Foxy has a Buddy. She looked at Me like, "Yeah! A Butterfly!" I thought, "SHIT! I Hate Drawin' Butterflies!". What I said was, "Whaaaat? For real? A Butterfly? Cool! ". And I Smiled. I haven't actually drawn the Butterfly yet, but I'm convinced She's having Me design the characters for some future tv hit, that She'll take credit for.

This was a Wolverine commission sketch I did for Len and Susan Kody's friend Ed. I miss the Ol' Canucklehead throwin' down with the Hand Ninjas. So I had fun doin' this one up.

* By the way, if anyone is interested in a commission sketch, send Me an email.

At Chicago Comic Con 2009, This other guy wanted a quickie commission sketch from Me, so I asked Him what He liked. He said "Uh, Spiderman, Kermit the Frog,-". I told Him He could stop right there. I knew what I was goin' to do immediately.

OH! And if You haven't been keepin' up with the webcomics, "Shame on You"!

  • "Lab Bratz"

  • "Chicago 1968"

  • So I know I missed gettin' this up for the 1st day of 2010, and I always say I'll try and post more, and Blah-Blah-Blah.


    Here it goes.

    I will do My best to blow Your Minds. Whether it makes You Laugh, Cry, or Angry. You'll come back. After I'm done typin' this, I will stand-up, strike the most Heroic Pose I can muster at this ungodly hour, then hit the publish button.



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