Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sketch and Scott Pilgrim Avatar Dump. Yes, I did a Scott Pilgrim avatar.

And this is it. "El Toro". I've been called a Bull so many times, it seemed appropriate.

While this comes a few days later than I would've liked, there is a New "PI-Jane" over at . Do You like Dr. Who? Well Jane Day does.

Also, the "Festival of Life" in Lincoln Park splash page for "Chicago 1968" is up at
  • Shadowline's Chicago 1968 page

  • and Len Kody's

    I like many of My peers, grew up on a healthy dose of Hanna-Barbera and Ruby Spears cartoons. When I sketched these up, I wondered, "Why hasn't anyone licensed any of these characters for a reboot"? Needless to say, these a but a few I'd like to play with someday.

    I drew this one up at the last Windy City Con. Not sure why I put the "Dr. Skullface on His sleeve. I think I might've been in the middle of some conversation, and it worked it's way into the sketch.

    Whenever someone buys a "CUCOS!" sketchbook from me, I do up a sketch in there (As any of You saw in the previous post). This is one I did for David Gruba .