Monday, December 18, 2006

Holy ShitBalls!!! This is the Funniest thing I have seen since that List of DumbShits tryin' out for an Action Movie... I present to You, "Sleepy Spudgy"... Hey Norm, Mornin' Dawg...

I promise to post some Sketches, and Talk a Whole Lotta Crap tomorrow... I Will... Now watch that Sleepy Spudgy again...




Pop ARF said...

You are getting sleepy! HAHA! I love it!
Hey I came across you on and I love your characters. I'd love to see ya get back into this site and post some more of your sweet characters! It's been really heating up on that site and people are really come up with some sweet ideas and stuff!
Anyways, I just wanted to make an attempt at getting you back on the site, cause I really dig your stuff man!

Hope to see ya soon on

Nate Dowg
Mojizu name: PopARF

Marlena Hall said...

That was probably the cutest animal on Earth, next to my cat, Fizzgig , of course.

This was also a lame attempt to defer us from the real reason we're here, to see some sketches!!!

Have a Happy Christmas, Tony! We're going to Vegas, you'll be missed there.

TMALO70 said...

Pop Arf,
Thanks for the words of Kindness man... I truly appreciate it... I've been meanin' to get back to MOJIZU... Just been preoccupied with work and stuff... I actually have a couple of new Characters to throw up on there... I'll let You know when I do... I hope Chuckles and ChickaDummy aren't too much of a Hassle, after their adoption...

I know, isn't he cute??? LAME!?! Why that was a carefully calculated plan to draw the masses away from the fact I have not posted any new sketches... You my dear, just happen to be way more advanced than I... ;OP} You and Ben have a Great Christmas too... Give Gina, John, Gables, and Alicia a BIG, Squishy Hug from me... I Miss You Guys too...